IntroductionThe construction of the Pacific Railroad involves an enormous number of people. Mobile towns on wheels become homes for workers, supervisors and chief engineers from all social classes and all nations of good old Europe. The opportunities seem unlimited. The West! That means thousands of acres of virgin land, game, and riches right at your fingertips.

In the sidebar you can find the characters through which you will be able to experience the authentic story of the turbulent American West. Every character has its own personal story and belongs to a certain social class. Many characters are inspired by real people, but only inspired. Their adventures, age, or personalities are not always identical with the historical facts.

Some of you will have the opportunity to play two different characters during the game, and experience the life in Durantown from two different angles. In character description you will see which characters follow which so you will be registering for both of them at once. The first character always has a scripted ending halfway into the game. The players will enter the game again as the second character on Saturday morning with he beginning of the third chapter.

In the registration form you will be asked to enter 5 characters you wish to play (ranged according to your preference).