Irish (2)

Immigrants trying to find their place in North America. Americans tend to overlook them and they often blame misfortune on them. At the railroad the Irish tend to take care of accompanying services, such as the brothel, shops and supplies. They’re not as tenacious workers as others, but they can enjoy good fun and hang together as a group. They also have their conflicts with the German group.


Jacob left his home in Ireland when he was but a young dreamer and he went to the West in search of adventure. He married an Indian woman Bright Blaze, learned the Indian way of life and then he settled down in Durantown where he works as a wheelwright. His trade gives Jacob influence to make his opinions be heard in town. He is a cheerful optimist, and still remains the dreamer and adventure-seeker he used to be, although he too lived through many hardships. He respects the Indian culture and he is one of those who strive to solve the problems with Indians in a peaceful way. The player of this character will deal primarily with the conflicts with Indians, including those in Durantown. The character can be played out very dramatically, and also experienced in a personal way (relationships to his wife, sister, Indians, the questions of combining Christianity and Indian faith etc.)


James is an experienced trader and gold-digger who came from Ireland to get rich. He married an Indian woman Rainy Sky who he bought from the Cheyenne tribe and he settled down in Durantown. James does not hate the Indians, like most people here do, but he certainly does not think that Indians are equal to the white population. He wants to get rich in the West which is why he got hired as a labourer at the railway and started various hustles on the side. He does not hesitate to get involved in all manners of things for money. Rumour goes that if anyone is looking for anything (including information) he is the one to get it. A character for a crafty player who likes working with information and treading on thin ice. He will have an opportunity to deal with Indians in the game, because he married the chief’s daughter.


Larry Griggs is a Union soldier who serves as army supervision at the railroad and works as an intermediary between the company (or rather the construction) and the army which he can contact. Larry is a tough and experienced soldier who came through many battles and found several friends in the war. He is an honest and brave man, whose behaviour slightly differs when liquor loosens his tongue and when he’s in the role of an army sergeant. On first glance he seems annoyed by his mission, but that can change very fast. Larry has the right to make arrests, but it is a question how much his authority means here, at the end of the world. The character has some power and is mostly oriented towards solving plots and mysteries (he is not primarily set to experience strong emotions, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be played that way).


Mickey is an Irish immigrant who came here with his brother to try and make money. Together they have a pub and a brothel (which is mostly Mickey’s domain). He is more direct and stronger than his brother. At first he was an idealist, but the rough surroundings soon shaped him into a gambler, a brawler, and a drinker, a bitter man with great problems and disgust towards his current life. It is a question whether he’ll be able to find his lost values or if the cruel life on the edge corrupts him for good and gets him together with the worst crooks and outlaws. His game will be very much packed with action and focused on dealing with “business” in town, but also on life choices, search for values and meaning in the everyday hustle of Durantown.


An Irish girl from a good Catholic family. However, the family business went broke and she moved to Durantown to her brother Jacob. On the way she was captured and tortured by the Indians. She lost all illusions, she is disappointed and bitter. She has faith, but it is a faith distorted by the horrors she went through. The only meaning of life left to her is taking her revenge on Indians. Naomi started to pretend she is a man and she became an important person in the fight against Indians. Her relationship with the person closest to her – her brother Jacob – is made hard by their conflicts concerning Jacob’s Indian wife. The role of Naomi is a leading figure, her game is very much based on plotting against Indians and stirring up hatred. It provides space for experiencing a strong inner conflict and personal transformation.


Patrick is a worker and he’s well known in Hell on Wheels for his temper and constant discontent. He can often be heard loudly complaining on the difficult conditions of the construction and he’s usually the first to criticise Durant when wages are delayed. He is always nearby when there’s a fight and he’s not afraid to let anyone know what he thinks. Some think him boorish because of it, but those who know him better know that he can be very friendly. He’s a good friend of other Irishmen who are well known for holding together. A character for an active player who’s not afraid to speak publicly and provoke conflicts. The character is for the first half of the game and therefore he has a scripted end to his story. He’s followed by the character of William Pinkerton


Sean McGinnes is an Irish immigrant who came to America with his brother Mickey. He is industrious, curious and he likes to risk and try out new things. He is the smarter one, but he’s also weaker than his brother, and struggles with his feelings of being unappreciated and inferior. He’s a keen gambler and together with other players he often meets in one of the Hell on Wheels tents where he fleeces his partners of their wages. In Durantown he has a pub and brothel together with his brother. The brothers care for the girls’ safety and some sort of comfort and they pay them a share of their profits for that. In the game he can look forward to a lot of scheming and business, but also to strong relationships (he strives to marry Ruth Cole) and personal dilemmas.