Prostitutes (2)Could anyone imagine Hell on Wheels without them? Beautiful and ugly, clean and dirty, playful and shy. Living their romantic and tragic fates, they take care of the men’s comfort and keep this hell on wheels alive, at least a bit. None of them is a black-and-white personality, and though they are disdained by the society and seen as only a bit above the blacks, in reality their services are desperately needed. But not many are willing to admit that.


Barb Mitchell is a very young and still naïve prostitute who has her whole life full of various experiences before her. She was brought up by her aunt Grete Aberdeen, but she decided to become a prostitute. She has the favour of many men and she could even have some more serious offers. No wonder; she is the youngest girl in the local brothel. She is cheerful, carefree, and talkative and she has friends not only amongst the prostitutes. Barb’s role is focused on dealing with relationships on the background of the main events; it is a very social role with a possible romantic storyline.

DEBRA D. (21)

Debra is a prostitute who escaped from a comfortable but confining life in her strongly religious Puritan family. She values her freedom to decide above all and she hates when anyone tells her what to do. That sometimes makes problems with the madam, Nell, who doesn’t think it’s very appropriate to be defensive of one’s freedom in this line of work.  Debra is cheerful and independent. She was a good friend of Carol, a prostitute who was murdered a short time ago. A character for extroverted players who don’t mind being the centre of attention and would like to play a character who hates rules and restrictions. Debra is a part of a mystery plot and has the possibility of a romantic storyline.


Eva has a tattoo on her face – she got it from Indians who held her captive for ten years. After she was set free, she came through a hard time of poverty and hard work in the brothel. She quit selling her body at the moment when she married Mr. Tool, who got her out from the mud and squalor of the brothel. Two weeks ago she found out she was pregnant – it’s not visible yet.  Although she is married, she loves a black man, Elam Ferguson – but at the same time she wants to live a quiet family life which Mr. Tool can provide for her. She takes care of the wounded and sick in Durantown and she’s also involved in the conflicts with Indians. The character is good for players who want a conflicted character who’s in love and faced with a hard choice between head and heart.


A dancer who used to be an escort of an influential businessman in Baltimore. During the war he was sent to prison and Ginny Jane was fired from an Irish bar where she used to dance. She ended up on the street and went to Durantown where she started to work in the brothel to make a living. She is very determined and a bit of a perfectionist. She still dreams of a career as a dancer and she prides herself on her artistic achievements. She is very picky when it comes to customers and especially blacks and Indians disgust her. Unlike some of her colleagues, Ginny does her work out of necessity and she believes she can do more. Ginny has a nasty secret to hide, so her game will therefore be about fear. And also about hope for a better life.

NELL (36)

An experienced prostitute who supervises the other girls and tries to ensure their safety. She knows of everything that goes on in Durantown. She’s practical, smart, but unhappy and devastated by the life of a prostitute. At night she cries and dreams of a better life – and maybe even of a family – but there’s not much time left for her to start that. She hates her work every day more and more. Whenever it’s possible she keeps to her position as a madam and leaves the actual work to her girls. She deals with brothers McGinnes who provide protection for the brothel. Recently a prostitute had been murdered which Nell sees as her failure and she’s therefore a bit afraid of keeping her position in the brothel. A character focused on frequent dealings with other character groups, interaction with the prostitutes who she tries to protect, but also on a strong personal story. Will she be able to find a light in the grey reality of the soiled brothel?


Grace is a beautiful woman used to luxury who was recently struck by ill fate which put her in the brothel as the most common of prostitutes. She only arrived to Hell on Wheels a few days ago and she’s just starting to get to know the hard conditions of life here, but nobody seems to know the real reason why she came. Will Grace be able to keep her secret, or might she even find someone who she can trust enough to confide? Part of her storyline depends on communicating with the organizers, so the player should not mind a scripted story and consulting with organizers during the game. She has a very strong story, her character is based on her ability to build relationships.