Every player must bring their own costume appropriate for the character they represent. Here we provide detailed information and adequate external links for you to prepare your costumes for the game. We do not require your costume to be completely historically accurate, but we wish to make the game visually rich and interesting, so that the Western atmosphere is as authentic as possible. We will welcome a costume resembling the costumes of the Hell on Wheels or Into the West series (which are, however, very high-quality), just as much as perfectly accurate living history clothes made according to online manuals.

Please take into consideration that the weather can be unpleasant and especially that nights may be chilly. The costume should include a complete outfit, shoes, and accessories (if needed) and should be durable enough to withstand the whole game.
Also, every player should bring at least their own period eating utensils (a bowl, a spoon, and a cup – wooden, ceramic or tin). We also recommend that you bring an oil / kerosene lamp and a bag / small suitcase / satchel for your personal belongings. Please prepare your costume with care and consider bringing other props that could improve the atmosphere of the game. We will be happy to give you any advice – feel free to contact us.
You will naturally be allowed to use modern accessories for personal hygiene etc., but please use modern tools discreetly. If you do not have a suitable historical blanket, you also can bring your sleeping bag but please make sure to cover it (as well as other modern things) with period appropriate blankets or other pieces of fabric during the day as the cabins will be used for playing.
Here you’ll find links to information on period costumes
for men :

and for women :


Guns (Czech category D) will be provided by the organizers (but you’re also welcome to bring your own after discussing it with us). Before the game you will learn the safety measures and how to use the guns. However, not all characters carry a gun. The only ammunition allowed is blank acoustic and black powder 6-9 mm cartridges. We will also be using softened imitations of knives, tomahawks, and arrows. All weapons will be provided by the organizers. Players receive a belt and a holster along with the gun.

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