Practical Info


The international run of HoW larp will take place between the 7th and the 10th of May 2015 in Stonetown near Humpolec (a town in central Bohemia, approximately 100 km from Prague). The language of the international run will be English. The registration for the game will start on 15 December 2014.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou will be accommodated in authentically styled log cabins and houses in Stonetown, a Western style town. The cabins will be shared by 6 or 8 people according to the characters they play. There are bunk beds with mattresses, but you will need to bring your own blankets (period-authentic or a sleeping bag). You can also bring a sheet – the mattresses are bare. Since the cabins will serve for playing during the day, please cover your sleeping bags and modern backpacks with blankets.

The town is equipped with modern flush toilets, sinks, and showers. All the main buildings are electrified. However, the cabins you will sleep in do not have electricity, so we recommend that you bring your own period-appropriate lamp. Since the town is not heated, please be prepared and equipped for cold weather.


FoodYour meals are included in the booking fee. From Thursday evening to Sunday morning we will ensure 3 meals a day – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know.

Please bring a period-appropriate bowl (tin, wooden, ceramic), cup and a spoon.
The food is chosen to fit the setting and add to the atmosphere. Some of the items from the list may sound simple, but they will be prepared with care and there will be enough for everyone so all the players will be well-fed.

Thursday – baked pasta with meat and eggs and pickled cucumber
Friday – Breakfast: Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon
Friday – Lunch: Chilli con carne with cheese and bread
Friday – Dinner: Soup with meat and vegetable
Saturday – Breakfast: Cornmeal porridge with honey and fruits
Saturday – Lunch: Lentils with fried onion, sausage / eggs and bread
Saturday – Dinner: Dumplings with cabbage and smoked meat
Sunday – Breakfast: Bread with butter, cheese, jam etc.


The game will start on Thursday night and end on Sunday.

    • Thursday night: arrival by 8 PM, registration, accommodation, introductory meeting,  pregame workshops
    • Friday morning: pregame workshops
    • Friday afternoon – Saturday evening: game
    • Saturday night: quick reflection and Western style after-party
    • Sunday: site cleanup and departure

Transportation for international players

The larp takes place near Humpolec, a town 100 km South-East of Prague. Transportation will be provided by a bus that will pick you up at an easily accessible spot in Prague at  and bring you to the spot. The price for both ways will be around 15 – 20 Euros. The transportation is not covered by the registration fee.
If you’ll be arriving by car, please go to the coordinates 49°31’17.573″N, 15°25’5.700″E (follow signs saying Stonetown). It’s possible to park near to the western town in a designated area.

Booking fee

The booking fee is 145 Euros. It includes the game, a unique Hell on Wheels T-shirt, a badge, food and accommodation in Western cabins. Please transfer the payment to our account by 3 February 2015. The payment details will be specified later on.

Cancellation fee: 
Since every cancellation before the game means a risk that we won’t be able to find a replacement for full price, we decided to set these rules for payment returns: If you cancel before the end of February, we will return 75% of the booking fee. Before the end of March we will return 50% and from April we cannot guarantee we will be able to give you money back. However, we’re very much hoping that we won’t need to apply these rules.

What to bring
    • Costume, accesories
    • Period eating utensils (a bowl, a spoon, and a cup – wooden, ceramic or tin)
    • Sleeping bag/blanket and fabric to cover modern equipment
    • Oil / kerosene lamp – optional
    • Bag / small suitcase / satchel – optional
    • small purse/sack for money and knicknacks – optional