Who are the people organizing Hell on Wheels?

The team is a mix of larp players and authors from different groups and with different background. The core of the team consists of the members of an Eastern-Bohemian larp group Potkani, who drew other people in on the project. The game is also supported by an eastern-bohemian larp organisation LARPard. Here we present the core-team members and their main fields of responsibility:

  • Filip “Drirr” Appl – head manager, story design, characters, game-design, PR
  • Jan “Zoro” Zeman – prop manager, historical facts, technical support, story design
  • Tomáš “Duli” Dulka – story design, characters, game design
  • Ondřej “Zak” Staněk – character design, technical support
  • Tereza “Ciri” Staňková – character design, administrative tasks, communication with players
  • Jana Isabella “Jewane” Růžičková – administrative work, communication with players
  • Jan “Homin” Teplý – overall graphics (t-shirts, badges, documents), website design and management
  • Jaroslav “Jazlo” Dostál – logistics, costumes, props, catering
  • Veronika “Úja” Dostálová – logistics, costumes, catering
  • Tomáš “Žako” Jakoubek – NPC boss, technical support
  • Iva “Mivka” Vávrová – English translation
  • Kristýna “Zevla” Chvojková – English translation
  • Dagmar Wiesnerová – English translation

We produce the international run in cooperation with Danish larpers from the Odysse organization. Bjarke Pedersen and Kasper Sjorgen are helping us with promotion and bringing Czech and international larping culture together.

We would also like to present the people most involved with the project in more detail:

Filip “Drirr” Appl

drirr He graduated from the Historic and Literary Studies programme in Pardubice and Media Studies in Brno and he is currently working as a freelance journalist in Pardubice. He’s liked larps since he was 14 years old. He is an author of a LARP series “Křest ohněm” inspired by The Witcher saga by A. Sapkowski, an action game H.R.A. and chamber larps “Memento mori”, “Plukovníkův odkaz”, “Osvícení Silvertonu” and “God Ltd.”. He is a member of the association LARPard and a larp group Potkani. In addition to larps, he is also part of an improvisational theatre group for Pa.Le.Ťác.I. He sees larp as a means of active entertainment, adventure, and space for self-reflection, and accentuates its ability to highlight emotions and to improve communicational and improvisational skills.

Jan “Zoro” Zeman

IMG_7211_XP_XP A fierce enemy of laziness, whose lifestyle borders on cardiac collapse. Artistic, doubting archaeologist from, according to him, the best archaeological school in Brno. He believes in a motto that an experience may not be always positive, but it must be intense. He has been playing an organizing larps in various forms since 2006. Zoro organized several larp battles close to the town of Choceň, which were inspired by various historical events such as the Hundred Years’ War. As a member of the civic association Bacrie, Jan is dedicated to historical re-enactment in experimental archaeological centre and museum in nature Křivolík.

Tomáš “Duli” Dulka

duli He comes from Bratislava and is currently studying business economics at the Faculty of Business Management at the Brno University of Technology. He has been playing larps since the age of 16. He is an author of several larps published on website and co-author of a sci-fi LARP, “Střepiny” (The Shards). In LARPs he likes dramatic situations and innovative approaches.

Ondra “Zak” Staněk

IMG_6724_XP_XP He lives in Prague and works in a company focused on training and team building. He has been playing larps since he was 14 years old and is also the author of chamber larps, such as “Vražda v sídle Lancasterů”, “Večeře”, “Osvícení Silvertonu”.  He is one of the people who founded and have been organizing LarpWorkshop. When creating larps he likes to experiment and he perceives larp among other things as a work of art or a stimulus for discussion. In addition to playing larps, he also likes to dance blues..

Tereza “Ciri” Staňková

HoW_poster_Ciri She comes from Eastern Bohemia. In present she is studying psychology in Brno and in past she spent one year studying in Denmark. She’s been playing larps from the age of 13, and went through a typical Czech development of larp taste: from battles to chamber larps. She took over the organization of a festival of chamber larps HZNM con and she’s also working on LarpWorkshop. She enjoys dramatic, emotional and unconventional larps. Dancing, acting and hiking are her biggest hobbies.